Cyril Allen Warns Boakai Against Speaker Koffa’s Removal

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In a strongly worded statement, former Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Chief Cyril Allen, has issued a strong warning to President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, cautioning him against any attempts to remove House Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa. This warning comes amidst swirling rumors that President Boakai is allegedly seeking to influence lawmakers to impeach Speaker Koffa. Chief Allen delivered his remarks during the celebration of the Congress for Democratic Change Militant Month, held on Friday, June 28, in Congo Town. Emphasizing the legitimacy of Speaker Koffa’s election, Allen stated, “Speaker Koffa was duly elected by his colleagues to serve the people of Liberia, and there should be no reason to have him removed.”

The Liberian Constitution, under Article 49, outlines the procedure for electing and removing the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  It states: “The House of Representatives shall elect once every six years a Speaker who shall be the presiding officer of that body, a Deputy Speaker, and such other officers as shall ensure the proper functioning of the House. The Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, and other officers so elected may be removed from office for cause by resolution of a two-thirds majority of the members of the House.” Chief Allen referenced this constitutional provision to underscore that any attempt to unseat Speaker Koffa must follow due process and have just cause. He further criticized President Boakai’s leadership, asserting that the President has failed to deliver on his promises to the Liberian people since taking office in 2023.

“President Boakai was elected to do better for the people of Liberia, but he has massively failed in his six months plus in office,” Allen remarked. He accused the President of surrounding himself with bureaucrats whose primary intention, according to Allen, is to embezzle public funds. “Those around President Boakai only intend to steal because they know he is not going to seek re-election in 2029,” he added. Allen’s sharp critique extended to his personal voting choices, revealing that he did not support Boakai in the 2023 election.  “I knew President Boakai couldn’t do anything for the people of Liberia, and that is why I didn’t vote for him in 2023,” he stated. By Jeremiah Mulbah/ Lib Latest News231 

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