CSO Council Demands Impartial Investigation Into Joshua Death L-R: CSO Council Chairperson Madam Loretta Alethea Pope-Kai and the Late Joshua Solomon


The National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL) says it is saddened over the death of a young Liberian Joshua Solomon, who died recently following protracted internal bleeding from wounds he sustained in his head during a riot between rival supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party (UP).   Joshua, a student at the faith-based African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), died Friday, December 1, 2023 in the 72nd Community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, where he was seeking medical treatment. The late Joshua met his untimely demise at age, 34, after a protracted period of internal bleeding after he was mercilessly flogged allegedly by some supporters of the UP during the campaign period of the tense October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.  It was reported that he was one of those victims of aggravated assault in Sinkor on the 11th of August when supporters of the UP and CDC had an altercation during the campaign. After the incidents, Joshua was taken to the SOS Clinic in Congo Town, where he was treated and later taken to Fedal Clinic in the 72nd Community till his death.  The Liberia National Police (LNP) has since launched an investigation into the death of Joshua so as to establish the identities of the perpetrators; hence, NCSCL is calling on the LNP to meticulously and timely conduct the process impartially to bring the doers to book.  “We are calling on the Liberia National Police to exert all efforts in conducting an impartial investigation so that the family of the deceased can get justice. There should be nothing swept under the carpet or be a business as usual. The death of this young and promising citizen of ours needs to be fully investigated with time and the police must ensure that justice is served without fear and favor,” said the NCSCL statement signed by Chairperson Madam Loretta Alethea Pope-Kai.  It is said that there is available report to the police as it relates to Joshua’s untimely death, which states that he died a result of “internal bleeding”. It is also reported that there is a video footage in the possession of the police that shows the images of some actors during the bloody riot on August 11.  On the request of the police to the public to aid in its investigation, the Council has also added its voice by urging Liberians to aid the police in said investigation by helping in identifying the images in the video.

“The family, relatives and friends of Joshua must get justice and this can happen when the incident leading to his death is fully investigated and culprits responsible for his death are held accountable for their actions in a court of jurisdiction,” stated the Council.  “Like we have advocated in other cases, we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that justice is served between now and going forward. We are calling on the public to help the police in this investigation. Again, this other investigation should not be a business as usual. If we are to have lasting peace, we must have an impartial justice system that works for the good of all,” added the Council.

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