COP EU Chapter Endorses UP


The Council of Patriots (COP) European Union Chapter has endorsed the Presidential bid of Unity Party (UP) of former Vice President Joseph Boakia and Sen. Jeremiah Koung ahead of the runoff elections scheduled for November 14, 2023. In a statement, the group cited bad governance, injustices, rampant corruption, continued illegal drugs importation, deplorable health system under the leadership of incumbent President George Weah as some major reasons for their support to the Boakia and Koung’s Presidency who they believe can rescue the Liberian people. “COP EU Chapter is united in our conviction that the candidacy of JNB and JKK represents a promising path forward for Liberia, one that is marked by prosperity, justice, transparency, and accountability. We wholeheartedly endorse this vision and encourage all Liberian citizens to join us in voting for change in the upcoming run-off election. Together, we can collectively forge a brighter and more equitable future for our beloved nation,” COP EU chapter in a statement. The release signed by council through its chairperson, Irvin Kofa Jr said the CDC-led government’s tenure has been marked by what they see as poor governance, resulting in a range of issues, including economic instability, inadequate infrastructure development, and a disregard for the rule of law. We firmly believe that a change in leadership is imperative to address these challenges and pave the way for a brighter future for Liberia. For the justice system, the council stated that despite justice being the fundamental right for all Liberian citizens, it is delayed or denied, leaving the Liberian people without recourse for various grievances, including human rights violations and corruption. We endorse JNB and JKK as candidates who prioritize ensuring that justice is served to all Liberians. They also cited corruption which continues to be a pervasive problem, hampering progress and development in Liberia. The prevalence of corruption undermines economic growth, erodes public trust, and perpetuates inequality.  The COP EU chapter also frowned on the widespread distribution of illegal drugs, particularly “Kush,” which posed a serious threat to both public health and national security.  “We endorse JNB and JKK because we believe they will work tirelessly to enhance these critical sectors, offering better opportunities for all Liberians,” COP EU said.

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