Confirmed Cabinet Officials Commissioned, ChallengedTo Declare Assets By: Julius Konton


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai on Thursday, February 22, 2024 officially commissioned newly confirmed cabinet officials at his Executive Mansion office on Capitol Hill, urging them to declare their assets and to ensure that they will performance at the highest level on the job. Speaking during the commissioning ceremony, President Boakai stated that the program is a culmination of the process of setting up the government, having identified individuals to play respective roles in the governing of the country.  “Although we would have liked to have the full complement of heads of ministries, agencies, and commissions for this event, we are nevertheless delighted to commission some of the country’s experienced and dedicated women and men to start full service for the citizens,” he told the gathering Thursday.  The Liberian leader reiterated his no business as usual statement adding that “business- as – as usual” approach to government would be a relic of the past for this administration, and we mean it” he emphasized.  He said the commissioning ceremony is the beginning of more to be done in order for them to execute the mandate at their respective offices and perform their duties efficiently and selflessly for the public good. President Boakai stressed that the cabinet as the highest decision-making body of the government must perform at the highest level, delivering on the government’s priorities to achieve the developmental agenda he has set for the next six years. ” We will expect ministers and heads of agencies to demonstrate their capabilities and competencies in achieving our goals, including the execution of immediate interventions in the 100-day deliverable plan”, he said. Amb. Boakai stated that  as the government spans the three branches, he does  not intend to pursue the development path without productive engagements with  other bodies nothing that  he will therefore, expect the legislature and the judiciary to do their part by fully working with the Executive to improve the lives of the  citizens. “To ensure productivity, we will work with others on a key project the Performance Management Compliance System to help improve performance and encourage an open, transparent and accountable government”, President Boakai noted. As part of enforcing or implementing  such mandate ,  he wants  every cabinet minister and head of agency signs a performance contract as a way of not only ensuring that deliverables are met but also enhancing efficiency within the government. The Chief Executive at the same time Mandated all officials of government to immediately declare their assets to comply with anti-graft regulations as required, and more importantly, ensure the promotion of integrity in public service. “Let it be known that we will not tolerate corruption and pilferage from the people’s coffers, as those found to be in breach of our anti-graft laws will give account and pay the price and as  they say, a hint to the wise is enough” he sounded a clear warning. To ensure productivity,  President Boakai said he will  be monitoring  performance against the targets they as officials  will set and hold them accountable.

 Monitoring he added  will not only be within as he  intend to support any mechanism that will ensure that citizens follow closely as well, to form part of the decision-making process.  The Liberian leader pointed out that the Citizens Feedback Mechanism Project, piloted in five counties will be activated and implemented across the country. Providing more clarity he told Liberians in general that public service is not an entitlement rather it is an opportunity to give back to  country and  fellow citizens. He told commissioned officials that the Liberian people have entrusted them with  a responsibility to deliver the service they need as such it is, therefore, incumbent upon them to give it everything by putting their  talent and energy into what, frankly, has been described as the sweetest fruit of all -service.  “You must rise above the privilege and trappings of your official roles and find fulfillment in the joy of genuinely transforming your country”, he urged them. President Boakai also encourage them to carry out their  responsibilities with the utmost professionalism and compassion as they as a government together think Liberia, Love Liberia, and Build Liberia.

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