Concerns Raised Over Accountability, Transparency & Nepotism Of Incoming Government


The source of President Elect Joseph Boakai’s 10k’s donation to Totota Gas explosion victims in Bong County  continue to take center stage especially in his incoming government fight against corruption including transparency and accountability in the public space. As the debate widens with mix and counter views, the latest now to flag the issue especially with focus on transparency, accountability and nepotism in the incoming government is Kanio Bai -Gbala. On his Facebook page where he branded himself as Fearless Thinking Man, Kanio said the alleged Rescuer one appears to be the risky one . “They said they came to rescue Liberia. Ok, They claim that audit and investigations will roll,  Ok. But before even taking power many questions are already swirling about their so-called commitment to transparency, good governance and accountability”, he said. As the President Elect remains tightlipped up to press time on the source of the 10k donation to Totota victims , Cllr. Gbala on his social media post registered his  concern on where he Amb. Boakai got his 10 million to make that donation in Totota especially after informing the Liberian people that he has been surviving on loans, he wonders if it is a gift or a bribe?  He also alleged that the President Elect has  already started meddling in the separation of powers doctrine of the government (a signal of bad governance) by allegedly instructing Mo Ali to convene elected legislators at his home to financially influence their decision on who to vote into the Speakership when he has not even taken office? Pay for play? As the fight against corruption is key to the incoming government,  Kanio wants the President elect to be accountable to his people at the early stage by informing them on where has he secured resources to finance the massive renovation of his private home in Rehab that for many years laid in desolation despite receiving his just emoluments from the CDC-led government. Speaking more through his social media post on the issue of nepotism, the CDC executive asked why Mr. Boakai allegedly appointed his daughter (Randa Boakai) to the transitional team which means she may most likely get appointed in government despite criticizing nepotism and cronyism. At the same time he wonders why is Jake Kabakolie (his cousin) and Samuel Nagbe (his nephew) playing prominent roles in his transition and slated to be appointed also into prominent roles? ‘Who has financed my own friend Tantan Boakai’s trip to Lebanon where he is seen hanging out with prominent Lebanese businessmen in Liberia. Is it a pay to play expedition”? Kanio noted. According to him if the incoming government thinks that they as they new opposition will be silent, they will be mistaken because they will remain resolute  in engaging them on the  similar issues which they criticized the outgoing government of over the last six years. Meanwhile,  with no official response relative from President elect Joseph Boakai to the  source of 10k’s donation as well as other early concerns emerging and allegations pointing to the incoming government, more eye brows will continue to be raised in the political corridors of the Country in relations to the change and original rescue of the Country and its people by the incoming government.

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