Cllr. Gongloe Threatens Legal Action Against Urey…


Renowned Liberian lawyer and human rights activist Tiawan S. Gongloe said even Heaven will not save former Maritime Commissioner, Benoni Urey and others, who have allegedly stolen from the Liberian coffers. Cllr. Gongloe vowed to take legal action against former Maritime Commissioner Urey and others for allegedly looting Liberian Maritime funds, and other financial resources during the administration of former President Charles Ghangay Taylor. Cllr. Gonloe who recently contested for the presidency in the just-ended October 10, 2023 polls on the ticket of the Liberia Peoples’ Party (LPP) noted that all those who allegedly committed precarious crimes against the Liberian people and are perambulating in various political parties under the guise of political endorsements will not go free. The lawyer now turned politician, promised to ensure that justice occurred for all crimes that took place during the Civil War era.

The former Liberia People’s’ Party standard bearer made the statement recently during a questions and answers period at a local gathering on Carey Street. Cllr. Gongloe emphasized that people like Benoni Urey and all those who allegedly carried out heinous economic crimes will be prosecuted, adding that the former Maritime Commissioner and others will not go unpunished as democracy unfolds in Liberia. “Even when they go to heaven and associate with Jesus, they will be brought back to earth to face prosecution,” the human rights activist stressed. When questioned about former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s alleged involvement in corruption during her regime, Cllr. Tiawon noted that the former president has not been indicted by the Court, and if she is indicted, she will also face the laws of the country. He accused Urey of allegedly using Maritime funds to allegedly sponsor the almost 15 years civil war, that devastated every fabric of the Liberian society, adding, “He must go to court and exonerate himself.” He claimed that those who bought arms and gave it to rebels to kill the Liberian people must face the law, despite their attempts to seek sanctuary in political parties and cover up under the wings of eminent individuals and parties. It has been reported that over 250,000 thousand people were killed during the Liberian civil wars, while properties were looted and destroyed by rebel forces. Some rebel leaders like Alhaji V. Kromah of the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO) or ULIMO-K who committed war crimes is dead, but some of his disciples are parading the world, while prominent NPFL rebel leader Charles Taylor is behind bars in Great Britain. Source:


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