Buchanan Port Director denies Authorizing Seaport Police Officers Brutality


The Director of the Port of Buchanan, Jonathan Kaipay, has firmly denied any involvement in the alleged assault on port employee Justin Tarr.  Addressing the incident Monday, Kaipay stated that he never authorized the physical handling of Tarr by seaport officers. Kaipay emphasized his commitment to the welfare of all port staff, declaring, “We remain dedicated to the well-being of our employees and will never condone the brutalization of any citizen.” Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Kaipay clarified that he was not responsible for ordering the flogging of Tarr. “I have been falsely accused as the instigator of this incident,” he adds. “I want to make it clear that these claims are entirely untrue,” he asserted. In light of the serious nature of the incident, Kaipay confirmed that six seaport officers have been handed over to the police for investigation. The inquiry into the circumstances leading to Tarr’s alleged abuse began on Friday, with the Liberia National Police (LNP) overseeing the investigation. Meanwhile, Mr. Kaipay assured that the findings will be made public once the investigation concludes. The port director’s statement comes amidst growing concern over the treatment of employees at the Port of Buchanan. By: Zahn Dehdyugar/ Ablee-Jay TV

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