” Boakai Promise Development Across Liberia” By: Julius Konton


The newly elected President of Liberia Joseph Boakai has outlined key interventions in which his government will undertake for the betterment of the Country.  Amb. Boakai speaking for the first time  officially to Liberians  promised to extend Development across the Country. President Elect Boakai made reference to the beautiful region of the South East which he stated has been neglected for years but will benefit from road construction under his regime. According to him, the rebuilding process starts now as such calls on all Liberians to join him despite political, religious and regional backgrounds to help rebuild Liberia collectively.  He stressed that the challenges must be confronted immediately and heads on in order to create an equal future for all Liberians and succeeding generation. “We must leave no stone unturned to address and remove economic,  social and political disparity the undermines our potential “, he emphasized.

Amb. Boakai argued that Liberia is not old but the problem with Liberia is bad leadership including institutions of faith. Boakai at the same time promise to lead by example stating that Liberia will no longer be used as a tool for the few at the detriment of the majority. Ambassador Boakai promise to establish a responsible and accountable  government in order to meet the expectations of the Liberian people.  According to him, the people of Liberia  have spoken loud and clear and he has heard them and will work to meet their expectations.  “We will promote broad participation of people in the decision making process”, he assured the Liberian people.  President Elect Boakai at the same time promise to  address the major problem in government  especially corruption in the Country.

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