Boakai Decries Predatory Behavior


Liberia’s 25th President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has decried what he called ‘predatory behavior’ of public servants during the execution of duties in office in Liberia over the years.

President Boakai made the assertion Monday, January 22, 2024 at the Capitol Building in Monrovia, when he and Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung were inaugurated, following a runoff presidential election which the Unity Party won in November 2023.

The assertion of the 25th President of Liberia seems to stem from the continual manner, form and practice of which public officials are accused of abusing power at the detriment of the governed.

President Boakai termed as “celebration, proud and historic moment of Liberia,” programs marking their inauguration which was attended by a record number of foreign dignitaries.

According to him, their preferment by Liberians is a manifestation of the determination to pursue and nurture democratic governance in Liberia.

He used the occasion to congratulate members of the 55th National Legislature for being elected and admonished them to coordinate and work together with the executive and judicial branches of government for check and balance in the supreme interest of the Liberian people.

“The message is loud and clear! No more business as usual,” President Boakai stressed, as he lauded Liberians for voting the Unity Party ticket into state power for the next six years.

He noted that the mandate given him is that he is president ofall Liberians; adding, “ Election is over,” vowing that his regime will be a government of inclusion.

President Boakai also vowed to combat corruption, bad governance, injustice, impunity and other inimical practices that have eroded good governance system in Liberia for too long.

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