Bloom Bank Africa Board Members Pay Courtesy Visit to Boakai


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has welcomed with excitement, Bloom Bank Africa as a positive development not only for the banking sector but the economy in totality. Bloom Bank Africa takes over from Global Bank which was officially launched on Tuesday in Monrovia upon certification by the Central Bank of Liberia. Speaking Tuesday evening, President Boakai welcomed the delegation at his Rehab Office noting that Bloom Bank takeover of Global Bank could not have come at a better time when his government has just been inaugurated to address the economic challenges facing the nation. He thanked the board for opening a branch in Liberia, and also expressed optimism that they will live up to their commitment of supporting small and large-scale businesses as well as what they can to support the government’s development agenda through economic revitalization. The delegation thanked President Boakai for his ascendancy and expressed joy for the opportunity to operate in the country as a new Bank and at the time his government, also a new government, had just been inaugurated. “Bloom Bank is a Pan-African Bank that is here to support local Liberian businesses and ensure they benefit from the facilities and programs the bank offers,” they assured.

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