AJDL lauds Ivorian National Team


Association Jeunes Dalanani Liberia(AJDL) has lauded the Ivorian National Team the Elephant for the hosting and winning the African Cup of Nations Tournament Trophy for the year 2024. According to the President of AJDL, Kouman Faye, the African Cup of Nations tournament is intended to foster unity and peace among africans as well as promoting the talent and potential of African players around the globe. President Faye made the disclosure recently when some Ivorians residing in Liberia, celebrated the victory of the Elephant, the Ivorian National Team against the Super Eagle, the Nigerian National Team in the final match on February 11, 2024 in Abijan, Ivory Coast. He noted that the African Continent has great potential footballers who are playing significant games in Europe and other parts of the world and it is the time for country in Africa to win the World Cup Tournament. According to him, the performance of the Ivorian National Team in the just ended African Cup of Nations Tournament demonstrated that if Ivory Coast is qualify to play in the World Cup final in 2026,she will definite win the world cup trophy. Preaident Faye stressed that more African players are playing quality fooball in Europe more than the European footballers, but why african countries cannot win the world cup trophy since their active participation in the tournament. Meanwhile, the Secretary General of AJDL, Soumanoro Abou said they are grateful to the Liberian Government and people of Liberia for the hospitality to reside in Liberia. Secretary Abou stated that they are living in Liberia peacefully as result of abiding with the laws of Liberia. He expressed thank and appreciation for some Liberians who morally supported the Ivorian National Team the Elephant,noting that this is unity among Africans.

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