14-Yr-Old Boy’s Mysterious Disappearance Terrifies Barrobo Community

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The Barrobo Community is reeling with distress and uncertainty following the unexplained disappearance of 14-year-old Jacob Segbe, affectionately known as Toopitee. Jacob, a 6th grade student at Agnes Thompson Elementary School, was last seen on the morning of Thursday, June 27, 2024. Jacob departed for school as usual that day but did not attend any classes. Later in the day, he returned home, changed his clothes, and left again with his book bag. Since then, his whereabouts have remained a mystery. Described as of average height and complexion, Jacob is a familiar face at the Harper General Market, where he sells airtime minutes and plastic bags. He belongs to the Wedabo tribe of Grand Kru County and is admired in his community for his diligence and friendly demeanor. His parents, Browne N. Segbe and FelicialSegbe, along with relatives, community members, and the Liberia National Police, have launched an extensive search effort. Despite their relentless efforts, no clues have surfaced regarding Jacob’s location. “We’re deeply worried because this is unprecedented. We’ve reached out to all our relatives near and far, searched numerous places, but our son remains missing,” expressed Mr. Browne N. Segbe, Jacob’s father. Jacob was reportedly in good health and had no known disputes with anyone prior to his disappearance. The community has rallied together in the hope and endeavor for his safe return. Any information regarding Jacob Segbe’s whereabouts should be promptly reported to his parents at 0776836026 or 0886065374, or to the nearest police station or radio station. “We implore everyone to assist us in finding our son,” Mr. Browne pleaded. The Segbe family’s plight has deeply affected the community, prompting widespread concern and support. There remains a collective hope that Jacob will be located safe and reunited with his family soon.Source: Monrovia Latest News.

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