Cautions Political Parties, Independent Candidates to Avoid Violence

The Liberia National Police cautions all Political parties and independent candidates to avoid violence in the conduct of their political campaign activities.

In a special message of Peace today at the opening of the campaign, Police Inspector General, Hon. Patrick Sudue urged all political leaders, partisans, civil society actors, media practitioners, religious leaders, and all well-meaning Liberians to comport themselves in the best manner of protecting the peace and stability of the state.

Hon. Sudue noted that if these elections must be held under a peaceful atmosphere, it will require the collective involvement of all stakeholders. He urged all stakeholders, be it political or non-political actors, to put the peace of the country first and eschew violence and other actions that could undermine the hard-earned peace of the state.

IG Sudue further encouraged heads of parties, and independent candidates to work closely with the LNP in ensuring that the LNP is involved with their electoral activities, which will prevent unseen situations or circumstances of violence.

He warned that anyone caught in any act of electoral violence would be made to face the full weight of the law.

“We especially appreciate if members of the Press maintain a high level of professionalism in the discharge of their reportorial duties at all times and avoid hate messages, misinformation and disinformation,” IG Sudue added.

Judging from past experiences, IG Sudue warned Traditional leaders to desist using the Country Devil. Toy disrupt the peaceful conduct of the elections and urged the traditional leaders to revert to the rule of law if there are situations that need the intervention of law enforcement officers. 

He indicated that the peace of Liberia remains a paramount concern of members of the Joint Security, adding that all will be done legally to deal with anyone who attempts to undermine the peace and stability of the state during these critical times of our electoral process.


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