18 years Old Dragged To Salt Beach For Murder By: Yassah J. Wright


The Liberia National Police (LNP) has charged and sent to court, an eighteen years old man identified as James Zoduwah, for alleged Murder.

During the police investigation, it was established that on August 7, 2023, victim Abraham Nat and defendant James Zoduwah had an argument over his victim girlfriend only identified as Ruth, which resulted into a physical altercation thereby leading to defendant Zoduwah alias (Block) stabbing victim Nat with an instrument believed to be a scissor in the left eye, thus causing him to succumb to death.

The investigation revealed that deceased Nat and defendant Zoduwah including Kelvin Cooper and Ambrose Rogers, were stoning at each other which led to deceased (Abraham Nat) and defendant (James Zoduwah) getting into a fist fight and they were separated by community chairman as community dwellers.

The police reports said these actions led defendant Zoduwah left the scene, went to his house came back with an instrument believed to be a scissor conceived on his body and stabbed deceased Nat in his left eye which resulted to his death.


Defendant Zoduwah was arrested and informed of his miranda rights, investigated, subsequently charged with the crime of Murder, for purposely, knowingly and intentionally stabbing deceased Nat in his left eye with scissor which eventually led to his death and he (James Zoduwah)was transferred him to court for trial.

According to the police investigation, deceased Nat  girlfriend (Ruth) to be identified is a sex worker and was seen with another guy which did not go down well with the deceased that led to the beating of (Ruth) that spark the confusion between him and defendant Zoduwah.

Couple with the physical examination of the corpse, witness’s testimonies, the medical certificate of the cause of death and the investigation findings.

The police investigation team has resolved to charge defendant Zoduwah with the crime Murder in violation of chapter 14, subchapter A, section 14.1, of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia.

However, defendant Zoduwah is currently at the central prison pending court trial.

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