Unity Party Takes NEC To Supreme Court By: Yassah J Wright


The Unity Party (UP) through its Standard Bearer and former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai has taken flight to the Supreme Court requesting for a Writ of Mandamus to issue a peremptory writ on Nations Elections Commission (NEC) to produce, publish, and distribute or issue out the Final Registration Roll in keeping with law. Former VP, Boakai prayed the Court for the issuance of the mandatory Writ of Mandamus compelling the NEC to perform its specified legal duties to have the Final Registration Roll (FRR) of certified voters by location published and distributed to Political Parties and Independent Candidates. He prayed the nation’s highest court to issue the Alternative Writ of Mandamus against NEC to order and mandate it to appear and show because why the Mandatory Writ of Mandamus should not be issued against them to perform the legal to publish and issue out the FRR. The Petitioner 13 counts petition averred that it is a duly registered, certified and accredited political party under the laws of the Republic of Liberia and  they have participated in every election dating back from 1985, 1997, 2005, 2011, 2017 and will be participating in the forthcoming General and Presidential Elections slated for October 10 2023. Accordingly, the Unity Party was accredited in keeping with Section 2.9(d) of the New Elections Law of Liberia. Also, the petitioner furthered that consistent with duties devolved on the NEC by the New Elections Law and as well as the Opinion of the Supreme Court, NEC is mandated to publish and submit to Political Parties and Independent Candidates copied of the Final Registration Roll of all registered voters disaggregated by locations in every electoral district in the country. It stated that consistent with the 2023 Voter Registration Regulations, Final Registration Roll means a list of registered voters who are qualified to vote that is produced following exhibition and decision(s) on voters’ appeal(s), claim(s) and challenges and required changes to the provisional registration roll. The UP Political Leader mentioned that on August 29, 2023, the Chairperson of NEC Madam Davidetta Browne-Lanssanah appeared to the Honorable House of Senate under oath and faithfully promised to provide the FRR on the 18th of September 2023 but it has failed to its statutory responsibility for which they are under oath to adhere to. With this, Amb. Boakai wrote a formal communication addressed to Madam Browne-Lanssanah on September 18 2023 requesting for the “FINAL VOTERS REGISTRATION ROLL. Count seven of the petition revealed that consistent with Section 16.1 of the 2023 Voter Registration Regulations, NEC may take necessary clean/correct any inaccuracies discovered on the voter roll. Also, count eight said that Section 16.1 of the 2023 Voter Registration Regulations is a mandatory procedure that should be undertaken by NEC; and that NEC may take necessary measures to clean/correct any inaccuracies discovered on the voter roll should not be allowed by the Court; and that the Court should declare it a mandatory process as this process borders on the integrity of the votes on election day. Petitioner respectfully prays and submits. It averred that consistent with the 2023 Voter Registration regulations, Section 16.5, the Final Registration Roll (FRR) for each magisterial area shall be available at that magisterial office for public inspection during normal business hours.

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