“Turn Over All Government Assets” Boakai Warns Former Government Officials By: Julius Konton


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has warned all past government officials to turn over all government assets to the General Services Agency. Presidential Press Secretary Kula Fofana  said the latest mandate by the Liberian leader takes immediate effect. The move appears to be due to alleged delay by ex-government officials to turn over government assets  to the General Services Agency. As a means of further enforcing the mandate and to ensure that it is taken seriously by President Boakai, the Liberian leader has also constituted a government asset recovery team. The move by the team among other things, is to ensure that they help identify, trace and retrieve all government assets in Liberia and outside the country. Moreover, she indicated that the team will be charged with investigating assets and working with the relevant government agencies in order to find all those who will be caught criminally liable. Even though President Boakai is yet to officially declare his assets to the public, The Presidential Press Secretary however disclosed that the Liberian leader is almost completing such procedures and will declare his assets as soon as the report will be made public to the Liberian people. At the same time,   President Boakai, she disclosed, will do his drug test following the effective conclusion and confirmations of the relevant government officials of the established committee that has already been setup by him as more appointments and confirmations are still ongoing. It can be recalled on Monday January 29, 2024, President Boakai described drugs abuse and  harmful substances as national security emergency and promise to take the lead in taking drugs test including his Vice President Jeremiah Kpahn Koung. Even though he is yet to take the lead, some senators have already started following his instruction to take their drugs test. The latest thus far is Margibi and Maryland Counties Senators, Nathaniel McGill and James Biney, among others.

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