Speaker Koffa dismisses removal attempts’ report


In response to recent rumors and speculations regarding his position, House Speaker, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, has clarified the situation, assuring the public that reports of attempts to remove him from his role as Speaker of the Honorable House of Representatives are entirely false and misleading. Speaking at in an interview at the Capitol Building in Monrovia on Wednesday, Speaker Koffa emphatically stated that there is no truth to the allegations of his impending removal. He emphasized that under his leadership, the 55th Legislature has consistently conducted regular sessions, with the majority of members reaffirming their support for him as Speaker. While acknowledging challenges such as outstanding obligations related to vehicles and gasoline for lawmakers, Speaker Koffa underscored that these issues do not warrant any attempts at his removal. He urged the public to remain calm, reiterating the lawmakers’ unwavering commitment to his leadership and their dedication to serving the welfare of the citizenry. Furthermore, members of the House of Representatives have reiterated their steadfast support for Speaker Koffa. In a show of solidarity, they have renewed their commitment to his leadership, dismissing any rumors of a plot to oust him from his position. Speaker Koffa labeled the allegations of a removal plot as entirely false and misleading, emphasizing his determination to continue serving the Liberian people with integrity and dedication.

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