Protest! -Lawmakers Use Tricycles For Work By: Julius Konton

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What appears to be a drama took place early Tuesday afternoon at the grounds of the Capitol Building when scores of tricycles were seen entering the main entrance of the Capitol Building during official working hours. Colored red, yellow and blue, the tricycles branded with various official representative plates also surprisingly had lawmakers on board to the disbelief of some staffers at the Capitol Building. The decision, according to some of the aggrieved lawmakers,  was an indirect  protest for the alleged failure by the Executive to provide them vehicles as part of their legislative benefits.  “No Business As usual,” so we will ride tricycles just to come and do the Liberian people’s work ,” they blasted. According to one of them, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, the action of the Executive is allegedly intentional and intended to suppress them. “The government refused to give us our benefits and this is unfair and sad,” they re-emphasized. Describing the alleged action by the Executive as legislative discrimination, the angry lawmakers  blasted by saying that why they will be treated without dignity when the Senate is treated differently.  ” We need to be treated with dignity and respect, we are part of the first branch of Government and deserve our legal benefits, ” they  noted. According to them, the Executive is enjoying their legal benefits since six months now unlike they; thus the lawmakers encouraged the Liberian leader to do the needful. Ahead of their usual constituency break, they wondered how they will return home to their respective districts and people especially some of them who are not from Montserrado County.  “We will come to work but we will come in this manner and form in order to let our people know exactly what is happening and to ensure that the Executive acts accordingly, ” they added. Meanwhile, the office of the President is yet to respond to the alleged refusal from the Executive headed by President Boakai to give the representatives their benefits.

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