POLICE deny attack on UP data center


Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue has denied reports that the Golden Key Hotel where opposition Unity Party is using as database and tallying center has been attacked. He also denied that ruling party officials invaded the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex where the National Elections Commission (NEC) is also tallying votes from the recently held elections. IG Sudue said that the Police were present at the SKD and no such incident occurred. He emphasized that the Golden Key Hotel is located very close to the sports complex and clarified that no one attempted to break into the hotel to hijack UP’s pink papers as claimed by the opposition party. Inspector General Sudue assured the public that the Police remain vigilant and prioritize national security. In a startling development last evening, Spoon Radio reported that Golden Key Hotel, where the Unity Party (UP) has been conducting its election tallying of pink papers collected from polling stations across the country,  came under attack by individuals purportedly affiliated with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). The incident raised concerns in many parts of Liberia about the potential destruction of crucial evidence in the ongoing elections. According to UP representatives who were speaking live on local Spoon radio last night, the attack was a deliberate attempt by the ruling party to undermine the democratic process and erase any evidence that could potentially favor the opposition party. The pink papers being tallied at the hotel are crucial in determining the overall outcome of the elections. But, IG Sudue dismissed the reports and indicated full presence of police at the SKD and nearby communities.  Source: smartnewliberia.com


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