‘No Compromise On VIP Access For Weah’s Homecoming’ -CDC Vows

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In a recent local radio interview, prominent members of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Ishaka Sheriff and Jemima Dassie, declared that former President George Weah will receive a rapturous homecoming upon his return to Liberia. The CDC officials stated that Weah will use the Presidential VIP Lounge at Roberts International Airport (RIA) upon his arrival, regardless of any obstacles. They emphasized that they will officially inform the government of Weah’s arrival, but clarified that this action is not a request for permission, rather a declaration of their party’s right to use the VIP Lounge. They dismissed any association of the VIP Lounge with current President Joe Boakai, noting that it was built using public funds. The former ruling party, the CDC, is making preparations for the highly anticipated return of their party leader, George Weah, to Liberia. After a vacation in the United States, Weah is expected to arrive next week, sparking speculation and excitement within the party and the country. Party members are expressing their excitement about Weah’s return, describing it as a “rapturous homecoming” that will shake up the political landscape. Some even claim that the entire capital city of Monrovia will be placed under lockdown, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity. The two CDC officials predict excitement throughout Liberia as the party plans to give their leader a special reception. They firmly assert that Weah will utilize the VIP Lounge, leaving no room for negotiation. They warned that if Boakai or his government refuses Weah access to the airport’s VIP facilities, Boakai himself will not traverse the city streets.  Sheriff expressed the CDC’s graciousness in defeat, contrasting it with alleged anger displayed by their victorious opponents. He stated that despite their defeat, the CDC remains committed to the well-being of the Liberian people. They are organizing a mass party program to alleviate stress and recalibrate their party’s strategy. He emphasized that they will not succumb to defeatism or seek to undermine their opponents. Instead, they have graciously accepted the election’s outcome and are moving forward. This sentiment aligns with former President Weah’s previous statement, where he expressed disappointment in the choice of the Liberian people to elect Boakai. Weah referred to it as a regression to the old order and stated that it did not represent the true change desired by the people. Sheriff also highlighted the frustration faced by foreign missions, who have been waiting for seven months to receive their accreditation letters, an unprecedented delay. The CDC has been vocal about their warnings to the Liberian people, cautioning against the actions of the current administration. They claim to stand with Weah’s statements and express their ignorance regarding alleged misappropriation of funds and mistreatment of CDC members under Boakai’s governance. They reference incidents such as the alleged theft of $22 million and the shooting of James Kandy, a young boy, by Boakai’s police. Amidst the anticipation surrounding Weah’s return, Liberia braces itself for a new chapter in its political landscape. The upcoming weeks will undoubtedly shape the future of the country and determine the trajectory of the CDC party.  Source: smartnewsliberia.com

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