MOVEE Removes Kemayah For Misapplication Of Funds?

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In consonant with Article 19, Section 5(a) of the 2016 Bi-laws and Constitution which provides that a simple majority of members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) is legal and sufficient to take to binding decisions for the party; the Movement for Economic Empowerment has unanimously taken disciplinary actions against executives and members of the party who are said to be in total violation in violations of the party’s Bi-Laws & Constitution. The National Executive Committee is the highest decision making body, apart from convention within the party system. The Movement for Economic Empowerment was established in 2016 through the Gbarnga convention, at which time former Central Bank governor, Mills Jones was the political leader and contested the general elections in 2017 for the first time as presidential candidate. Former Foreign Affairs Minister D. Maxwell Kemayah was endorsed as political leader on September 22, 2022, at an emergency national convention, the time they said has since elapse. This includes the removal of Mr. Kemayah and at the same time effecting some changes in the party’s county and national leadership structures. Majority National Executive Committee members made the statement during a major press conference in Paynesville Tuesday, June 4, 2024 and the statement was read by Mr. Matthew Shan, National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment. MOVEE also named: mismanagement of the party funds intended for the party operations and programs, suspension and expulsion of key party members without any respect for the By- laws and Constitution among others as some reasons behind their action against their political leader. Others removed by the Executive Committee are MOVEE Secretary General, Vice Chair for Finance and Fiscal Affairs, who are now serving foreign mission on behalf of the Liberian Government in Ghana and Sierra Leone, among other officials. Members of the Movement for Economic Empowerment Executive Committee told a news conference that their decision is geared towards safeguarding the party’s image and maintaining its status in the political space of Liberia. By: William K. Howard/

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