MIND hail Arma Fully in the mining sector


In our quest to sustain the national gains made through professional service in government, the Movement with Integrity for National Development (MIND) is delighted to spotlight an astute Liberian professional in the mining sector, a space that is of vital importance to the revenue packaging of our country. Following an exhaustive annual exercise to determine and bring to the fore for public attention, we have landed on Mr Arma Fully, the Director of Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy. This illustrious public servant has acquired learned skills in the field of Mining, Petroleum, Geology, Energy, and Procurement, setting him in a suitable position to adequately provide services to the republic in the vital space of mining and energy.  Following an intense process of rigorous credential scrutiny and in person vetting process, in 2017, he was brought onboard as director of the hydrocarbon department at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

 He diligently discharged assigned function in this department, which made him best suited to serve as acting Assistant Minister of Mines for six months in 2022. Earlier to this , Mr. Fully served in 2019 as the National Focus-Person on Natural Resources and Hydrocarbon with the ECOWAS. This opportunity to serve in this position at the regional level was made possible through the hard services delivered in the role of a Geologist with the National Oil Company of Liberia-the state’s entity for the management of hydrocarbon and crude oil mining on and offshore. Mr Fully several decades of work as a professional geologist and expert on hydrocarbon both at national and international level speak to his professionalism and capacity for continuous service in this important sphere of national resource governance. Internally, as Director of Mines of the Bureau of mines within the Mines and Energy Sector of Liberia, Mr. Fully, in consultation with top bosses, effected the following changes aimed at strengthening GoL control of a major revenue poll: provides supervision for the activities of issuance of licenses in the class “C & B” categories, ensuring, under the mining laws an agreement with companies, that payment of taxes due were accomplished timely and appropriately, Recommended, to fulfilment, that professional agents were properly placed in the field to secure tracked government revenues and prevent slippage through loopholes to the detriment of GoL annual revenue projection, and while at the same time , and most importantly ensuring that all National Regional Coordinators in the sector are either geologists or mining engineers as required by the Mining laws of Liberia. These professional discharges in the space of mining that has assumed a vital role in government revenue agenda demands that we bring this professional and disciplined Liberian to the spotlight as a way of motivating him further to remain ever innovative and hardworking in the interest of the state.  Therefore, MIND executive director Sekou D. Sonii call on the government through the office of His Excellency President Joseph Nyumah Boakai to continue to maintain him for his service over the years, or promote him where necessary to ensure that the Ministry meets its optimal objective through professionalism and expertise.  MIND as a CSO group concluded by saying always, our desire is the utmost survival of the state and its people, thus we support this young Liberian professional and caution against diabolical misjudgement on the part of any higher authority to replaced, if not for a higher office, this outstanding and brilliant young Liberian geological and hydrocarbon expert.  Yes, we stand against business as usual and so we condemn the mixing of politics with professional functions. Mr. Arma Fully, we are humble by your towering feat. Continue to make Liberia proud!

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