MABJ Sounds Caveat Against Boakai’s Alleged Plot To Terminate GTMS Agreement By: Ya ssah J. Wright


A Pro-integrity Institution under the banner Movement Against Bad Justice (MABJ) has sounded a caveat against the administration of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai over alleged plot and sinister plan to terminate the terms and agreement between the Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions (GTMS) and the Government of Liberia. According to the group, they are urging President Boakai and his government to disengage from what they terms as “diabolical plot by the government to terminate the terms and agreement between GTMS and the government of Liberia. “We’re clear that any attempt to go after GTMS or remove the CTN at the Freeport of Monrovia, the Movement Against Bad Justice will mobilize progressive Liberians to resit this plan. We will do all we can to ensure this Pan-African Business is protected so that hundreds of Liberians can keep their employment. Anything contrary will be unacceptable!” They noted.    Addressing a major press conference Thursday, at their office in Paynesville, the chairman of the group James W. Zoegar lamented that they are appealing to the government of Liberia to handsoff GTMS, says Cargo Tracking Note is good for revenue mobilization and employment opportunities. ” We have gotten credible information that some state actors close to the President has carved a sinister, desperate and diabolical plot to terminate the terms of the agreement between GTMS and the government of Liberia. We believe that this diabolical plan when implemented, will damage the integrity of the Freeport of Monrovia and throw many people out of jobs. GTMS has provided employment opportunities for hundreds of Liberians” he noted.  Mr. Zoegar added that since the coming of this institution in Liberia, GTMS has interested in developing ports and providing secure and decent paying jobs for Liberians and has also significantly contributed to local revenue generation at the Freeport of Monrovia According to him, GMTS has played a very significant role at the Freeport of Monrovia through its cargo Tracking notes to ensure that cargo coming to Liberia are properly follow through and ensure its safe delivery to Liberia. ” The Movement Against Bad Justice a pro-integrity institutions which have stood consistently over the years and remain resilient in the fight against injustice, corruption and bad governance calls on the government of Liberia under the astute leadership of President Boakai to hands-off Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions- GTMS,” he disclosed.

Accordingly, he added that having institutionalized Cargo processing and delivery, GTMS operations have ensure smooth operations of the ports, the reductions of revenue losses and the easy processing of the release of goods at the ports of Liberia.  “While the Rescue Mission has in its pillars the intention to provide jobs and employment opportunities for many Liberians, terminating the contract with GTMS places the hopes and faith of over 300 employees in limbo. This is a serious contradiction which will severely injured the smooth implementation of the ARREST agenda. What will be the become of all those who work with GTMS? These are striving Liberians who work daily to put bread on their families table, why should elements be working to illegally kick these men and women out of jobs. Isn’t this hypocrisy?” Mr. Zoegar pointed out. He stated that they want to make it categorically clear that the Movement Against Bad Justice will do all in its power and energy to resist this infamous plot. We will struggle in defense of the hardworking Liberians who still have to feed their families through GTMS.

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