‘Liberia Media Lacks Independence’ -CEO Kaydea Claims


The Chief Executive officer of Petro Trade Liberia Mr. Abraham Kaydea said the Liberian media lacks independence and public trust. According to him, most of the journalists in Liberia are only after money, not the profession.  He lamented that on a daily basis, he listens to local talk shows in Liberia but nothing seems to be improving. “I feel disappointed when I am listening to them on their morning shows and they don’t investigate before sitting on the radio.” He said, “The Liberian media needs serious reform because the media in Liberia are divided because of reasons best known to themselves. “How can a journalist who didn’t do an investigation about the peritoneum sector sit on radio in the morning and evening discuss taxes we paid to LPRC and Road Fund? Kaydea wondered. The petroleum expert called for unity within the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia, highlighting how easy it is to succeed when a team is working together in unity. Though Kaydea’s statement had touched the minds of many journalists in the country if yielded to, it may produce good results for the media landscape of the country but as it stands, many Liberians only have interest in listening to music on air rather than talk shows because many of the radio shows have been marked by political sentiments and lack of proper research on the subject matter. The Press Union of Liberia was founded on September 30, 1964, by a group of independent journalists. It serves as an umbrella organization for media professionals and Institutions to advocate for press freedom and the legal protection of journalists across the country. Unfortunately, the 59 to 60 years old Union till date cannot boast of a single headquarters, or proper regulation of the media, but is busy with fighting against itself. His call for unity in my mind is important, evidenced by the long internal wrangling between heads of the country’s press Union since the unhappy end of the Union’s election last year. The election that has led the PUL to a completely tangled state, if settled, could help in handling some of the recommendations from Abraham Kaydea and others but as it stands, the Liberian media through the Press Union actually needs a complete overhaul.Source: knewsonline.com

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