Liberia Labour Congress Get New Leadership


In a significant step towards revitalizing its operations, the Liberia Labour Congress (LLC) successfully concluded its leadership elections on Saturday, August 26, 2023. The newly elected cohort of officials is set to steer the affairs of the institution and pave the way for a more prosperous future.

The election results saw Mr. James T. Reeves emerge as the President General of the Liberia Labour Congress. Joining him in key roles are Mr. Marcus Blamah as the Secretary General, Madam Jackie Doe as Chairperson of the National Women Committee, and Mr. Macauley Gedea Jr. as Chairperson of the National Youth Committee, along with several other individuals who were elected to diverse positions within the LLC. These new leaders are poised to usher in a period of positive change and rejuvenation within the organization.

The elected officials will serve a four-year term, during which they are expected to drive forward the LLC’s objectives and work towards enhancing the rights and welfare of laborers across the nation. Mr. James T. Reeves, the newly elected President General, expressed his commitment to elevating the LLC’s stature and fostering reconciliation among any aggrieved members. His vision for a stronger and more united LLC signals a promising future for the organization and its members.

The road to this fresh leadership was marked by legal proceedings and a determination to resolve longstanding disputes that had paralyzed the LLC’s operations. In December 2022, Liberia’s Supreme Court intervened by mandating the LLC to conduct elections, thereby replacing the previous leadership headed by Madam Theresa Varskinda. This directive aimed to restore stability and propel the organization towards its intended goals.

The Ministry of Labour, under the leadership of Cllr Charles H Gibson, played a pivotal role in ensuring the transparency and credibility of the election process. The Ministry appointed prominent legal figures to oversee the elections, with former Chief Justice Cllr. Glorious Musu Scott initially appointed to preside over the proceedings. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Cllr. Phil Tarpia Dickson assumed the responsibility to oversee the elections, following Cllr. Scott’s unfortunate indictment after the passing of her daughter in February.

Cllr. Dickson’s role in overseeing the elections and compiling a comprehensive report of the outcomes is instrumental in presenting the findings to the Ministry of Labour, ultimately facilitating the presentation of the results to the Supreme Court.

With this successful election, the Liberia Labour Congress embarks on a new chapter under the guidance of capable and committed leaders. The LLC’s renewed direction and dedication to its mission promise a brighter future for laborers and stakeholders alike, as they work together to shape a more equitable and empowered workforce within Liberia.

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