Kemayah’s Family Identifies With Paynesville Town Hall Fire Victims By: Julius Konton


Former Foreign Minister Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr. puts smile on the faces of residents of the Paynesville Town Hall Community when he donated food and non food items including cash to recent fire victims in the community.  Amb. Kemayah’s gesture according to the beneficiaries brought great relieve to them following a fire disaster in their community that wipe away all of their belongings.  “Mr. Kemayah and his family are so good; we appreciate his entire family for their timely assistance to us,” one of the happy beneficiaries said. According to another beneficiary, a female with four children, narrated that the Former Foreign Minister’s gesture is not the first of its kind to them. “He has been helping us from the Ebola Crisis, during holidays and even community related programs and activities, he is a real neighbor and good man to us, let God bless him and his family, ” she added. They stated that the gesture by the Kemayah’s Family has now ease their burdens and worries respectively because, they have been worrying and wondering how to restart life mainly during these difficult times.  Speaking during the presentation of the donated items, Amb. Kemayah flanked by his wife told his neighbors that his support to them goes boundaries.  He expressed deepest sadness for the loss of properties and homes especially to the victims but at the same time appreciated God that no one got injured neither loss their life as a result of the fire disaster.  ” This is not about showing up neither does it have any political undertone because we love our community and see it necessary to help our people as always “, he re-emphasized.  He reechoed that his gesture to residents of the Paynesville Town Hall Community has no political attachment recommitting that he and his family will continue to assist them when the need arises. Speaking to his people further, Amb. Kemayah hailed his wife as a gift from God to him and for the last 32 years in which they have been together as a happy couple, they have not held back their support to residents of the Paynesville Town Hall Community. “My wife through our clinic has over the years made some health interventions to the people of this community and beyond”, he added. The Former Foreign Minister and his family so far happens to be the first to identify with the victims of the Paynesville Town Hall fire disaster.  He used the occasion to call on the government to come in and also identify with the thirteen families heads who got victimized due to the fire incident.  ” It is not time for politics, this is the time to stand with your people especially in times of need,”  he noted. At the same time, the former Dean of the Cabinet urged his neighbors and Liberians in general to work together in order to uphold the peace of the country. “Let’s pray for Liberia to remain stable and peaceful “, he reechoed.  “Mr. Kemayah and his family have been residing in the Paynesville Town Hall Community for over 25 years, and has been identifying with his people as private citizen even before joining the Public sector for just six years ago, Mark Tulay Community Chairman Disclosed.  He stressed that they remain grateful to the Kemayah’s Family mainly for their presence in the community and  for always coming to their aid. Chairman Mark also explained that Mr. Kemayah supported their community election, donated preventive materials during the Ebola Crisis and a lot more, he recounted. Meanwhile, Mr. Kemayah and his family as part of their continuous generosity to his people paid one year rent for all thirteen family heads with the presentation of the cash package to each of them  during the presentation on Sunday May 26, 2024. He additionally presented school materials to some students and children who were also victimized as a result of the fire incident.  Other interventions include; the donation of rice, gallons of Argo oil, lappers to women as well as single and family size mattresses to the victims.  In a joyous mood, the victims who loss all of their belongings to the fire disaster also appreciated the Kemayah’s Family for their timely and meaningful donation which they noted will enable them restart life unlike before. Prior to Kemayah’s Family donation, the thirteen family heads following the fire disaster were made  homeless  as some of them including women and children were seen sleeping in the open while others managed to fine shelters with friends. But with the payment of their one year rent each by the Kemayah’s Family including the donation of  food and non food items to them, life for them has restarted.

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