“I’m disappointed, Discouraged & Confused”-Costa Speaks Against Boakai’s Action


Talk Show host and a staunch supporter of former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Henry Pedro Costa has expressed dismay over the reported continuous failure of the Unity Party (UP) UP Standard Bearer to provide leadership direction for those supporting his presidential bid, stating he is discouraged, confused and disappointed over Boakai’s silence.

“I am disappointed, discouraged, and confused over Boakai’s action. As a lead campaigner of Boakai, what do I tell the people who are asking me where we are going? Which message should I give them? They are asking me and I can’t tell them anything because I know nothing about our direction and they are troubling” Costa accentuated.

The famous talk show host who recently made the assertion in one of his podcasts indicated that the failure of the Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties(CPP)  to demonstrate leadership as the year draws toward 2023 presidential and legislative elections by telling his supporters which direction they are heading particularly on the reported plan of the UP’s withdrawal from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is creating wrong signals for those who have absolute faith to succeed Mr. Weah.

Mr. Costa recalled that on December 28, 2021, Unity Party under VP Boakai took a vote or decision to pull out of the CPP but up to now, there is no indication whether the party is still going ahead or not for up to a month now.

“We are not having direction as supporters of Amb. Joseph NyumahBoakai as to where we are going”. Moreover, he said “We cannot tell anyone because Joseph Boakai is the leader and the political leader of Unity Party therefore, he has to give us leadership and direction as to where are we going” Mr. Costa stressed.

Speaking further on his show, he said the Unity Party and Mr.  Boakai should understand that they being his supporter towards his presidential bid are confused over the action of the Unity Party and its standard-bearer if they are leaving the collaboration, something he said the supporters want to know

Costa, who heads the pressure group, Council of Patriots (COP), further indicated that time is not in their favor because elections are happening next year across the country therefore if they are forming a new collaboration for the election Amb. Boakai should tell them now so that they can have direction instead of being confused.

“If Boakai will stay in the CPP to work with Alexander B. Cummings, let him tell us so we can decide if we will still support him or not. For me, I don’t support any arrangement with Cummings because I don’t trust him”, he said and emphasized that Boakai should take a decision that will provide them direction which will be pronounced to those who are his supporters about their next move.

Source: Hot FM/smartnewsliberia


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