Government To Reactive Maintenance Zones By: Julius Konton


About 285 earth- moving equipment are expected to arrive in Liberia soon. The earth moving equipment which will be divided across the fifteen counties, will  see each county receiving  nineteen pieces. The move by the government is part of its ARREST Agenda with focus on road construction. The initiative is part of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s vision to see no car stuck in the mud across Liberia.  Speaking during her presentation, the Minister of State without Portfolio, Mamaka Bility, disclosed that as part of the initiative, the government will reactive the Maintenance Zones across the country.  “We will construct Maintenance Zones across the Country with assistance from the Engineering Department of the Armed Forces of Liberia,” she disclosed.

She told cabinet officials that bridges will also be constructed as part of the plan under the project.

“We are working and our plan to ensure that no car will be stuck in the mud is gradually being roll out and we will increase our work and visibility, ” she added. According to her, the 285 branded earth- moving equipment will arrive in Liberia  soon, followed by subsequent distribution across the country. The project, she stated, is under the President’s Project  Delivery Unit and they will do more in the coming days, weeks, months and years, respectively.  Also speaking,  Public Works Minister, Roland Giddings, said they are working to ensure that alleys be cleared  while there will be massive demolition of structures to ensure full implementation of the alleys process,  including additional road constructions across the country.  ” There will be no compromise during the ongoing  process especially when we see structures built in the alleys, ” he noted. The government, he pointed out, have identified some areas where the government will introduce a toll system.  He named some of the planned toll areas as Cotton Tree to Buchanan, Fish Town to Maryland as well as Right Light to Guinea Border, respectively.  In brief remarks, President Boakai said his government will do more to develop Liberia and to change the country for the better.  ” Ghana , I am told, is the Gateway but Liberia will be the destination, ” he added. Liberia through his government, President Boakai stressed, will be able to work and improve in agriculture, road and other sectors in order to move the country forward.

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