First Lady Kartumu, Partners Launch Liberian Women Coalition For ICPD


In order to address important concerns impacting women throughout the nation, First Lady  Kartumu Yarta Boakai and partners have launched the Liberian Women Coalition in conjunction with female leaders for the International Conference on Population Development. This gathering serves as the inaugural Consultative Forum for the creation of the Liberia Women Coalition, which is tasked with advocating for women’s rights and empowerment at the International Conference on Population and Development. Speaking during the program’s opening at the Executive Mansion on Thursday, April 18, 2024, First Lady Katumu Boakai urged all women to band together to ensure an improved healthcare system. She claimed that the ICPD is an example of the vision Liberia aspires to, one that holds out the prospect of a time when each and every woman and girl in the country can live with honor, take advantage of their rights, and attain their full potential. She added that despite many efforts made, maternal mortality remains a major problem for the health system, killing women and girls due to consequences from avoidable childbirth. “The vulnerability of women, the cornerstone of our families and communities, is an unimaginable tragedy. In addition to taking lives, their premature deaths have dealt a fatal blow to our society’s foundation. Therefore, we need to act now, and we need to act quickly because of this catastrophe.” First Lady Boakai revealed, “With your combined voices and unwavering support, I am confident that our efforts will not only persist but will resonate with an intensity that will break down the barriers to good health for every mother and newborn in our land.” Madam Boakai pleaded with Liberian women to work together and identify concrete initiatives that have been taken to improve the status of women and girls in Liberia. 179 UN member nations accepted the ICPD Program of Action in 1994, which introduces the idea of sexual and reproductive health and rights and emphasizes the critical role that women’s concerns play in population issues. The realization of women’s and girls’ rights is emphasized as being essential to global development in the ICPD Agenda. Women leaders from the Ministry of Health, UN Women Liberia, UNDP, World Health Organization, UNFPA Liberia, European Union, Partners in Health, and Liberia Women and Children Aid Initiative all attended the launch. Source: Jenneh T. Borbor/Contact: +231775299760/

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