CEFYCAL Energy Group Poised To Solve Liberia Electricity Problem


Florentino Puentes Agulla, CEFYCAL CEO, Sheikh Almoustapha Kouyateh, Liberian Businessman  Access to electricity remains a major problem for Liberia, with “about a majority quarter of the country’s population having limited access to electricity and with small percent of the citizens having access to grid electricity,” according to a report.  Liberia is still struggling to upgrade its electricity supply capacity due to frequent power outages from the suppliers. From this background, a Spanish Energy group has vowed to electrify the Republic of Liberia with minimum cost to the government of Liberia. CEFYCAL Energy Group focuses on the Development, Construction and Operation and Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic, Wind and Hybrid Projects, including storage solutions and green hydrogen. This company has several areas related to the energy sector, engineering marketers environmental and whose main function is to offer savings of energy and economic through the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency, reduction of consumption and renewable energy, without entail a cost for the client, these services being paid by the savings generated. CEFYCAL Energy Group cover everything type of projects at national and international level. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Florentino Puentes Agulla, disclosed they are currently in negotiation with the Liberian government for the opportunity to electrify the country. According to him, his company will work along with the Malaikah Energy group, another Spanish company with its African offices based in Liberia. He revealed that these companies will seek over 60% financial supports from financial institutions in Europe to carry on the project and the Liberian government will take the responsibility of the remaining percentage which will be paid in years.  The Madrid based energy company will also take the responsibility of maintenance and manpower development in providing international scholarships for Liberians to do electrical engineering.  “We have a significant international presence focused on the safest and most attractive geographies for renewable energies with our reference markets in the European, African and Latam regions,” he said. He said: “We want to be part of and a driving force behind the change in Liberia energy model by promoting the intensive use of renewable energies in order to decarbonize the economy and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” “To achieve this, we have set out to be leaders in the development of renewable energies by 2030 in our reference geographies, “.A press statement quoting Mr. Agulla says his company believes in a promising future, a prosperous, just and sustainable future to make a reality in day-to-day work; this is why the company strives to ensure that the creation of value, inherent to economic activity, has a positive impact on the environment and people. Meanwhile, a Liberian businessman, Sheikh Almoustapha Kouyateh rendered commendation to the CEFYCAL Energy Group, citing that reference to the many works done in the South African region, thus giving them stable electricity. “Most countries in South Africa can boast of stable, strong and vibrant electricity, this is because of CEFYCAL Energy Group, an European based company.” He said. “He continued:” We can tap on their experiences to help solve this major problem our country is currently undergoing,” The international acclaimed businessman has vowed to help negotiate with the company through the Liberian government to have CEFYCAL in Liberia.

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