CDC Gives Boakai 48Hrs -To Publish Consolidated Account Statement


President Joseph Boakai’s statement of inheriting US$20.5 million in the consolidated account has been classified as lies and misleading by the Opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). President Boakai’s first annual message to the Legislature contradicted the US$40 million claim made by former President of Liberia George Weah which he said only US$20.5 million was left in the consolidated account. President Boakai in his annual address to the Legislature said the net International reserves position reported at the end of December 2023 was US$220 million.However, he disregarded the US$40 million which was reported as the Government of Liberia’s consolidated account balance as of January 19, 2024 calling it unsupported by facts. However, the Chairman of CDC, Mulbah Morlu responded to the statement made by the President saying Boakai was unable to free a policy prescription or solution on how he intends to “rescue” this situation except for saying he would “think outside the box.” Chairman Morlu stated that, “The CDC is appealed that even at this early stage President Boakai would seek to mislead the public about the financial situation of our country by disputing the figures quoted by former President Weah during his farewell speech on January 21, 2024, which are available. We challenge President Boakai to publish the statement of the consolidated account within 48 hours, or the CDC will make public copies of the same.” By: Sandra Smith/

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