Boley Vs Brown -Over Claim Of Later Mother’s Killing


The former Grand Gedeh County District #2 Representative, and former leader of the disbanded LPC rebel group, George Boley, has described Cllr. Dempster Brown, Chairman of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) as “grossly incompetent, lack of integrity,” and that he has failed misery to execute the mandate of his commission. “Cllr. Dempster Brown as head of the commission is a National Disgrace. He must be removed from this very critical institution for peace and security in Liberia as well as to maintain the credibility of the commission,” Dr. Boley, who is a former rebel leader of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC) said. It can be recalled that during a recent press conference to express his commission’s support for the War and Economic Crimes Court, Cllr Brown attacked Dr. Boley by accusing him of killing his mother during the deadly Civil war. But, responding to Cllr Brown, during a press conference on Monday, March 18,2024, Dr. Boley claimed that Brown is a pathological liar whose behavior is both cowardly and treacherous. ” Cllr. Brown’s allegation against me which some members of the press circulated without verification, was intended to defame me”. “I did not kill his mother and have never authorised the killing of anyone in my life . According to Boley, by circulating the dastardly lies about him, the press is a party to aiding and abetting the vain and self-Center desire of Cllr. Brown, claiming “to seek notoriety at my expense without attempting to get my version of the story is in total violation of journalist principles. This is the kind of free press we have in Liberia,” he asserted. Dr. Boley said that Cllr. Brown allegation against him is reckless, baseless, unfounded, untrue and responsible. “Giving the gravity of the allegation, Dr. Boley maintained that the onus is on Cllr. Brown to produce the evidence rather than flirting and grandstanding with the media and bringing into disrepute the integrity and credibility of the commission in Liberia which he leads.” According to  him, Cllr. Brown has the authority by virtue of his position and the Act which established the commission to investigate and subponea anyone known to be in violation of the human rights of another person. “Dempster Brown’s failure to exercise this awesome power suggests that he is woefully incompetent and has no evidence to support his allegation against me”. He emphasized that Cllr. Brown has chaired the commission for several years adding, ” why has he not investigated me as mandated by authority by the power invested in him and the commission. ” I challenge Cllr. Brown and the purveyors of this slanderous and baseless allegation to produce the evidence which said allegation must be publicly retracted.”  By Garmah Never Lomo,

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