Boakai’s Campaign Faces Hiccups


As Liberia gears up for the highly anticipated October 10 General and Presidential elections, the political landscape is witnessing intense friction within the opposition bloc, particularly around the candidacy of Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer, Joseph N. Boakai.

Once known for his broad support and alliances, Boakai now faces growing dissent from former allies who have turned vocal in their opposition to his presidential bid.

The Start Of A Promising Partnership:

At the heart of the unfolding drama is the relationship between Joseph Boakai and Telia Urey, the former head of the JNB Tact Team.

Both figures were once known for their mutual admiration and collaboration.

Telia, who is the daughter of the Standard Bearer of the All Liberian Party (ALP), was appointed as the Chairman of the JNB Tact Team, dedicated to ensuring Boakai’s victory in the 2023 presidential election.

The Unity Party’s Standard Bearer campaigned for Telia back in 2019 when she contested as a representative candidate on the ticket of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), an alliance of four political parties formed in 2020.

Boakai’s support for Telia, at the time, highlighted her leadership qualities and commitment to progressive policies.

A Souring Relationship:

However, the once-strong alliance between Boakai and Telia seems to have soured in recent times.

Telia’s decision to resign from the JNB Tact Team was followed by scathing remarks on her Facebook page.

She characterized the phrase “if someone doesn’t support UP, they are going against the country” as toxic, divisive, and outright ridiculous, hinting at her growing discontent with the Unity Party’s approach.

Telia further expressed her determination to support the candidate whom she believes is best for Liberia, emphasizing that parties and leaders must earn trust and support rather than demand it. This assertion signaled a significant shift in Telia’s allegiance and a potential rift between her and Boakai.

A Growing List Of Allies-Turned-Rivals:

Telia is not the only former ally of Boakai who has voiced dissent against him. Several prominent figures within the opposition bloc have also expressed disapproval of his choices, particularly after he named Nimba County’s Senator Jeremiah Koung as his running mate.

First, Henry Costa: The well-known talk show host and member of the ALP publicly accused Boakai of betrayal, stating that the ALP would no longer support Boakai’s presidential bid.

He expressed deep disappointment and frustration, claiming that Boakai had stopped communicating with them, leading to the ALP’s parting from the Unity Party.

In response, Boakai denied the accusations, extending forgiveness to Henry Costa and affirming his commitment to work with all well-meaning Liberians to rescue the country.

Second, Benoni Urey: The Standard Bearer of the All Liberian Party also expressed strong disapproval of the Unity Party and Joseph Boakai. Urey accused Boakai of engaging in tribal politics to recruit ALP members, leading to the breakdown of their collaboration. Urey asserted that the ALP possessed considerable electoral influence and could not be ignored.

Thirdly, Musa Hassan Bility: The Chairman of the CPP, whose Liberty Party remains in the alliance, predicted that Boakai would not make it to the second round of the elections. Bility criticized Boakai for undermining the spirit of a united opposition and declared that he would do everything in his power to prevent Boakai from becoming president.

The Future of Boakai’s Presidential Campaign:

As the October 10 elections draw near, Joseph Boakai faces an uphill struggle in securing the united support of the opposition bloc. The growing resistance from former allies has put a dent in his once-promising campaign. The reasons behind this shifting support are complex and varied, ranging from perceived betrayals to disagreements over party tactics and strategies.

In this turbulent political landscape, the outcome of the elections remains uncertain, especially for the Unity Party. As Liberians eagerly await the opportunity to cast their votes, the presidential candidates, especially Joseph Boakai, will need to navigate these challenges to garnered support and demonstrate their ability to lead the nation towards a prosperous and united future.

As it stands, only time will tell how this intense political drama will unfold and shape Liberia’s political landscape for years to come.

Source: LINA

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